Crude Assay Analysis

IPL has two crude oil assay Fischer distillation units enabling us to offer flexible and competitive packages tailored to meet your needs. View our Crude oil assay video

What is a crude oil assay?
Each crude oil has unique molecular and chemical characteristics. These variances translate into crucial differences in crude oil quality. A crude oil assay is essentially the evaluation of a crude oil by physical and chemical testing. It provides data which gives information on the suitability of the crude for its end use and also helps predict the commercial value of the crude.

Our crude oil assay testing capabilities
Our Fischer distillation unit (Autodest 800/860 AC) enables us to provide a full crude oil assay analysis. This unit can continue the distillation on the residue product to a maximum temperature of 565ºC. Oil traders and explorers use assay data for marketing purposes. In terms of oil producing wells or fields, the quality and characteristics of the crude may change over the course of their natural life. An assay will identify those changes as well as the qualities and commercial worth of the hydrocarbon produced.

Our other Fisher distillation unit enables us to carry-out a quick low cost and rapid yield analysis. It is a great tool for refineries as they use the data to optimise their processes, to determine suitability and profitability in terms of yield and quality. The data also helps to predict potential problems such as corrosion.

With both units, the crude petroleum is separated into a number of defined boiling ranges (or “cuts”) through a distillation process. For each cut, mass and density are obtained and this data is used to calculate the yields of each cuts. From this, a true boiling curve is established. Each cut can be further analysed to determine its specific properties.

As industry leaders, IPL is constantly enhancing its testing capabilities. If you have any queries regarding crude assay testing, please contact us.

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