Petroleum Product Testing

From analysis of Crude Oil, Gases and Condensates, to testing the fuels that drive New Zealand and the South West Pacific, IPL offers the largest range of fuel testing services.

Within the oil industry, the downstream component encompasses commercially refined natural gas and products derived from crude oil. IPL performs analysis on the following petroleum products:

Petrol, Diesel, Biofuels  

  Automotive and Marine Fuels




  Fuel Oils


   Aviation Fuels

   Jet Fuel

   Aviation Gasoline




  Asphalt Binders



  Gases and Pressurised Gases

  Natural Gases



Other Services:

• Waste Oils
 Microbial contamination / Diesel Bug
Mercury analysis in hydrocarbons 
Environmental analysis 
Contamination and purity analysis

Are you confident that your products are tested to the right standards? IPL is constantly developing new testing procedures in the downstream testing services for the petroleum industry. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Talk to us today to see how we could help you get testing results you can trust.

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