Refurbishing IPL's Northland lab

The first phase of the Fuels lab refurbishing project was completed in 2017. As part of this refurbishment, work benches, technicians station area and storage were upgraded in the Distribution section of the Fuels lab. The rest of the Fuels lab refurbishment is planned to take place later on in 2018.  

Another important lab improvement consisted in the upgrade of the whole lab air conditioning unit. This was a big job and in order to limit disruptions to the testing and to ensure that the work was carried out safely, this upgrade took place over several months. 

Thank you to all the staff involved in this project.  A lab upgrade isn't an easy exercise as it requires a lot of planning due to the numerous hazards that we deal with on a daily basis. Risk Assessment and Management of Change processes become a crucial part of any refurbishment. Thanks again for everyone's efforts. 

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